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[How to make bacon and cucumber risotto]_ Home-made practice of bacon and cucumber risotto _ How to make bacon and cucumber risotto _ How to make bacon and cucumber risotto

People at work often call for takeaways and rarely eat at home. In fact, the dishes at home are really healthy green food.

Bacon and Cucumber Pancake is a very suitable dish for busy people. You can forget about take-out during the holidays and make your own home cooking. It is also a good thing.

1. Wash the cucumber, peel, slice and reserve 2. Cut the bacon into 2 cm wide sections. Put in the plate and reserve 3. Cut the large pie 2 cm wide and 3-4 cm long, which is almost the same as cucumber slices.Not so standard, put the cut cakes in a basin, add 2 spoons of flour and knead well, as shown in Figure 4, pour the right amount of oil in the wok, pour the cucumbers when the oil is ripe, add a little oil and use the fireFry it for about two minutes. Pour it into a bowl and set it aside for 5 minutes. Pour a little oil in the pan and fry the bacon. The fried bacon is also poured into the plate and set aside for 6 and add water to the boil.Pour the cake into the pan and cook it for two minutes. 7. At the same time as the cake is cooked, the pan with bacon frying is also on fire. There is no need to pour the oil in the pan. Use the remaining oil of the fried bacon to chop the green onions and pour 2 spoonsDelta soy sauce, scallions over here are ready, and the cakes over there are also cooked. Use a colander to pour the cooked cakes over and fry the scallion in a pot. 8 Pour the fried bacon in and continue to fry. 9After the stir fry, the cucumber is also poured into 10, then 2 spoons of noodle soup are poured into the pot, put the appropriate amount of salt, and cover with 焖 2分The bell is ready for cooking11. Although the appearance is not very good, but the taste is definitely good12. Another bowl of food will give a certain impact to the taste buds. The bacon cucumber stew pancake is a successful dish that can stimulate people’s taste buds.It is better to have some soup after dinner.