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[Encyclopedia of dried dried fish]_How to do_Homely

Belt fish is a kind of seafood with many kinds of nutrients, and it is also a very popular food.

Because it is seafood, it takes a lot of effort to store it.

There are two common types of belt fish on the market, one is frozen, and the other is sun-dried. Both of these methods can extend the shelf life of the belt fish, especially by drying them.

So, what’s the correct way to scallop fish?

First, how to bring dried fish 1.

First of all, you should choose a good sunbath, preferably in a surrounding without a hospital, and all around are glass windows to increase sun exposure.

The roof is a plastic shed made of organic plastic, which is non-toxic; and a strong exhaust fan and ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be installed in the house.

The purpose is to ensure the safety of the product.


Dry the fish on the drying platform.

The drying platform is composed of a wire mesh.

The diameter of the mesh is 2 mm. The mesh is too large, and the dried fish is easy to leave a mark; the mesh is too small, which is not conducive to ventilation.

When drying, different expected products must be separated and labelled.

The method for drying the fish is: first, dry it from the back of the fish, and it should not overlap or be close to the fish, leave a little distance, and flatten it. The back is usually dried for about an hour, and then turned toOpen the abdomen, and dry for about two hours with the same requirements; turn to the back for an hour, and so on. Circulate and make relevant records.


Unseasoned dried fish that night should be kept in a freezer and refrigerated, and dried the next day.

Generally it can be dried for about 3 days.

During the drying process, professional technicians carry out spot checks from time to time, which must be checked every morning and afternoon.

The contents of the inspection are whether the dried fish has a strange smell and the moisture content of the dried fish.

After the end of each day, the sunbath should be sterilized for 1 hour.

After the dried fish reaches about 40% moisture, it is ready to be packaged.

Second, the nutritional value of kelp, kelp’s body traces of protein, vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and other nutrients.

Banded fish is warm and sweet, and has the effects of warming the stomach, smoothing the skin, invigorating qi, nourishing, bodybuilding and strengthening the heart, tonifying the kidney, soothing and promoting blood circulation, diminishing inflammation and phlegm, clearing the brain and reducing diarrhea, eliminating fatigue, and refining and nourishing.

The various mineral elements and vitamins necessary for the human body in the fish body are ideal nutritious food for the elderly, children, and pregnant women, especially suitable for shortness of breath, fatigue, prolonged illness, blood deficiency, dizziness, lack of food, lean skin, malnutrition, and skin.Dry food.

In addition, eating mackerel in pregnant women is conducive to the development of fetal brain tissue; eating more mackerel in children is beneficial to improving intelligence; eating more mackerel in the elderly can delay brain atrophy and prevent Alzheimer’s disease; eating more mackerel in women can make the skin smooth and moist, and the hair is black.His face is more beautiful.

The DHA and EPA content of band fish is higher than that of freshwater fish.

DHA is a nutrient required by the brain. It is very important to improve memory and thinking ability. In addition, the fish is rich in lecithin, which can be converted into more general freshwater fish to supplement the brain function.

EPA, commonly known as vascular scavenger, is beneficial for lowering blood lipids.

The rich magnesium in the fish also has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular system, which is beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Third, what ca n’t we eat with fish?

1. The vitamin C in fish with tomatoes and tomatoes transforms the absorption of nutrients in fish meat to produce an inhibitory effect.

2, edamame + edamame edamame with edamame will destroy all vitamin B1.

3, with fish + pumpkin with fish and pumpkin with the same food will be poisoned.